Integrated Operating Room Management Market | Global Industry Analysis, Trends 2017-2023

Integrated Operating Room Management Market by (Operating Tables, Operating Room Lights, Intraoperative Diagnostic Devices, Operating Room Integration System) by Application Therapeutic, Diagnostic Imaging) by Region Forecast 2017-2023

Key Findings
Global integrated operating room market is poised to grow in 2016-2022. Various reasons for the growth of the integrated operating room market are increasing cases of minimally invasive surgeries, clinical decision support systems, advances in healthcare technology and benefits over conventional operating rooms.
Integrated operating room is an alternative to conventional operating room with many advance features. An integrated operating room is equipped with latest and advanced medical devices like CT scanners; MRI scanners, C-Arms and these have interconnectivity features through an established communication system. The advantage of having an integrated operating room is the availability of various imaging techniques that prove advantageous for minimally invasive procedures.

Most common procedures that are carried out in an integrated operating room are cardiac and vascular surgeries and neurosurgery. Other surgical procedures that an integrated operating room is used for are thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and emergency surgery. Nearly 240 million surgeries are carried out annually across the globe and these include endoscopy, neurosurgery, cardiac catheterizations, laparoscopic surgery etc.

integrated operating room market is segmented on the basis of geography, device, and application. There are various kinds of devices that are used in an integrated OR. These are classified as operating tables, operating room lights, surgical imaging displays, surgical booms, intraoperative diagnostic devices and communication systems. Operating tables can be either mobile or stationary. Operating room lights can be halogens, LEDs or dimmable lights. Intraoperative diagnostic devices are classified as 3D ultrasound, MRI, Computer Tomography, C-Arm X-Ray, infra-red imaging systems and computer-assisted robotic surgery. Communication systems are visual, audio visual, RFID, PACS, and Wi-Fi.

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Integrated operating room market

Market Insights
Market drivers for the integrated operating room are technological advancements like minimally invasive surgery, increasing geriatric population that leads to higher target disease incidence rates, growing healthcare awareness and higher spending power of the consumer. Changes in lifestyle lead to higher cases of chronic diseases which require surgery. Geriatric population is growing at a high rate and these people require cardiac surgery the most, leading to market growth in the forecast period. Federal governments and private organizations, all over the world, are increasing investment in this industry to prevent the growth of cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases. Cardiac surgery and neurosurgery contribute to 60% market share for integrated operating rooms. Intraoperative devices like imaging systems have the highest market share. Factors that will restrain market growth are the high cost of instruments and their maintenance and security concerns about integrated operating rooms.

Regional Insights
Market regions that are covered in the report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW. North America has the largest market share of integrated operating room market. Most of the market players are based in North America and there is awareness about advantages of using integrated operating rooms, better healthcare infrastructure, and high healthcare expenditure. Europe also has a good market share due to high awareness and good healthcare infrastructure. The Asia-Pacific market is expected to report the highest growth in the years 2016-2022. Increasing awareness, improving an economic condition, higher spending power, aging population and growing investment in healthcare infrastructure by the government will be the market drivers for the growth of integrated operating room market in Asia Pacific region. Technological advancements are being adopted in various countries like China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and this too will boost the market growth of integrated operating rooms.

Competitive Insights
The major market players for the integrated operating room are Barco NV, Cook Medical, Eschmann Equipment, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Karl Storz GMBH, Maquet Getinge Group, NDS Surgical Imaging LLC, Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare GMBH. Established companies have a good hold on the INTEGRATED operating room market due to the high cost of investment needed to enter and sustain in the market. Companies are forming alliances and are going for mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their market position. Organizations are investing in research and development to come up with novel and innovative products that will capture new market share.

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